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where we specialize in guiding app owners, extension owners, media buyers, and publishers of all kinds through the exciting world of Dynamic Search Monetization (DSM). If you’re looking to maximize your revenue and take advantage of the most effective and lucrative monetization method available, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why Choose Dynamic Search Monetization?

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For years, Dynamic Search Monetization has been a core strategy used by the majority of publishers to generate revenue. While there are other methods available, Search Monetization has consistently proven itself as the most effective option. What sets it apart is the ability to earn revenue directly from user activity and engagement, ensuring a sustainable and profitable approach for publishers.

How Does Search Monetization Work?

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Search Monetization involves selling your website traffic to a search feed provider. By redirecting your traffic to a monetized page displaying search results from popular engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you can earn money for every click your traffic generates. The quality of your traffic plays a crucial role in determining the payout, with higher-quality traffic yielding greater rewards.

Explore Different Traffic Arbitrage Types:

Search to search

In this scenario, you purchase traffic connected with a cheaper keyword and then you send it to a feed provider for the same or very similar keyword that is slightly more expensive.

Display to search

You purchase banner traffic and then send it to related search results. As display traffic is generally considered to be cheaper, this is a great option to start, as it is financially safer.

Native to search

The goal of this type is to buy cheap traffic from a native platform and send it to a search result page.

Social to search

Traffic bought on social platforms is sent to a search result page. Like with display to search type, social traffic is usually a bit cheaper, so making a profit in this case should be a little bit easier.

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