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These are just some of the great businesses we've worked with over the years. Some are web design clients, some are also internet marketing clients, but most- to one degree or another- are both.

Studio 54 Salon - Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Studio 54 Salon is a hair salon located in the Timberlea/Lakeside area of Halifax, Nova Scotia minutes away from the major shopping area of Bayers Lake Park. As a business that depends on and sells image they required a very clean and modern looking website. Minimalist design, mostly black and white with hot pink accents, and a mobile friendly responsive layout the website is helping them attract new clientel to their location out on the outskirts of the city.

Nova Scotia Hot Sauces and more

Canning Sauce Company produces hot sauces and other gourmet sauces from 100% local ingredients from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. This budding new enterprise is currently selling their sauces at various local Farmers Markets and is using the website along with social media to announce when and where their sauces will be available.

Birch Hill Landscaping

Birch Hill Landscaping provides residential and commerciail landscaping and design services in Central Connecticut. Their website helps them target their core areas within the patchwork of smaller cities and towns that make up the Greater Hartford area. Mobile friendly responsive design helps to target the growing numbers of people who search for local services from their phones. With the seasonality of this business we also help them employ targeted Pay Per Click advertising within search engine results for a laser focused marketing campaign.

Atlantic Wharf Builders - Nova Scotia

This company builds wharves, seawalls and boathouses in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their market is a very specific niche and their website helps to showcase the work they do. The small niche means there is not a lot of search traffic for their specialized services, but the little that is there is very highly targeted. We first built their site a few years back and even in their specific niche they later saw mobile traffic becoming a very significant volume so we revamped the site again to be mobile responsive.

Kelowna Painting Contractor

Dale's Painting Service has been providing interior and exterior home painting in Kelowna, BC for over 30 years. In early 2012 they decided to step into the internet age. We built a fabulous website using the most current HTML5 coding methods and repsonsive design for mobile friendliness. We set them up for local search in Google Maps and helped them clean up old contact information across the web after an address change that came with change of ownership.

Advance Plumbing Heating

Advance Plumbing and Heating has been providing plumbing servinces in and around the Newington, CT area for over 50 years. We helped them establish a stong local presence online with a mobile friendly website, local search optimization and a very targeted pay-per-click advertising campaign. After working with us for years it built up to the point where they needed to take the next step and work with a larger marketing agency.

Kamloops Mobile First-Aid

Kel-Dam First Aid Services is a mobile first aid services provider in Kamloops, British Columbia. Originally a siviculture contractor providing contract forest fire fighting, danger tree removal, custom cut lumber, as well as first aid, they have recently transitioned soley to mobile first aid. They provide their services to remote job sites such as mining, oil and gas exploration, forestry operations, and of course forest fire fighting. Our web designer led a couple of their fire fighting crews "back in the day".

Showroom Auto Spa, Vancouver

Showroom Auto Spa is an Auto Detailing shop in Vancouver, BC. They were in need of a fresh new web site design to promote their auto spa services such as interior and exterior vehcile detailing, as well as their hand car wash service. Besides the new site, we improved their pay per click campaigns so they were better targeted and more productive and we optimized their local rankings in Maps search.

Original Home Designs - Kamloops, BC

This home designer in British Columbia needed a complete overhaul of his website. We had previously helped with their search engine rankings and when it came time to redesign the site they turned to us. Considering the level of quality of his architectural design work on custom homes we had to produce a site that portrayed his business at the very high level he runs it. We think the website works with the feel of the homes he designs and how they fit into the Southern Interior, BC landscape

AutoProtectors installs auto paint protection film to vehicles as well as window tinting in Kamloops, BC. We created a new logo to improve their branding, re-designed the website,provided search optimization to obtain great search rankings and we assisted with their offline marketing by designing brochures and business cards. Website includes a rather elegant yet simple work order system tied to their product search pages. The site layout is engineered to drive visitors right to their main service.

St. Margarets Bay Landscaping

Atlantic Seascapes was our very first client 10 years ago. They are a landscaping company in Halifax, NS, Canada serving the St. Margarets Bay area. Their website has become an extremely important marketing tool for their business continuously providing new leads from prospective clients seeking their services. Search marketing to their local area has produced great results and every few months we review the statistics and make adjustments to improve upon its success. We also consult with them on their offline marketing activities.

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