What do I put on my local small business website?


What Should My Business Website Say and Do?

A website for your business should present to your potential customers your services, or goods, and it should give a reason why they should do business with you. How this is done will vary greatly from one business to the next.

Many small businesses simply need a few pages to describe themselves and their services, maybe include a few pictures. It should certainly include your contact information.

Other businesses, not necessarily large ones, should have an extensive site with many more pages. Depending on your market and services these extra pages can target specific sets of keywords to attract those who get very specific when searching in the search engines for what they want. As part of our local internet marketing strategies we consult with our clients to determine what should be included on pages and how many pages would best serve their business so as to attract the maximum amount of targeted traffic to their sites.

Besides text and photos, some websites can greatly benefit from advanced features that allow visitors to interact with the site in ways that create more leads or sales for the business. We can develop a wide range of applications such as online gift certificate purchasing, online appointment scheduling and booking with pre-payment, ecommerce shopping for selling goods online, etc.